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Nikulin Circus
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The Grand opening of the Moscow circus by albert Salamonsky took place on October 20th 1880. The festive program was attended by clowns, gymnasts, the Pascal Brothers, gymnast Henrietta, Madame Truzzi, Freddie Salamonsky rider, etc.

By that time many clowns were working in the circus: Bim-Bom, Kozlov, Max Vysokinsky, Tanti, Vieldman. And also other circus performers, among whom there were the legendary Brothers Durov. Great attention was paid to numbers with horses. Graceful animals waltzed, walked on a rope, jumped over other horses.

Interesting fact: Salamonsky was the first one who to considered children as a great audience. Since then, all the numbers of the circus’s show have been adapted to the young audience. The circus began to organize children's events, performances, ballets and pantomimes. But the circus did not lose the attention of an adult audience. There were exhibitions and performances panoramas by Yan Styka "Calvary" (Golgotha) and "Quo Vadis».

In 1919 the circus became the first state circus. The famous clowns worked here: Karandash, Yuri Nikulin, Oleg Popov, Leonid Kukso, Mikhail Shuydin and others.

In 1985 the circus was closed and the building was demolished. Construction of the new one began in 1987. And in 1989 the Moscow circus opened its doors again for spectators and artists. Since 1996 the circus was named “Nikulin’s Moscow circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard”.

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